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Positive Interactions

These nine months will be one of the most significant journeys of your life, also one of the most challenging. From health and nutrition to psychological knowledge and support while preparing for parenting, education is critical to future happiness and well being. 

Psychological preparation and knowledge are the best preventive measures against poor parenting practices. Be smart, seek information, get advice from experts.  


  • Adolescent Indifference
  • Is my Child Angry ?
  • Parent Child Relationship  Assessment: How well do we score?
  • Strategies to promote positive thinking
  •  How NOT to be the enemy!
  • MOST Effective Discipline Ever
  • Crisis Happens
  • Where did my sweet child go?

Acknowledge, Ignore, Inform, and Implement! Seems simple Right?  Ha..Nope...It can get very complicated.  Good parents are smart, loving, and want the best for their children but many also think they know all they need to know..oops.  Parenting is by far the toughest responsibility on the planet! And requires more knowledge than any other job! Learning about cognition and behavior early will be immensely advantageous especially during the most challenging years!!

4 Key Effective Parenting Practices

Healthy Parents

From the first steps to the first words, and so many more milestones to witness with your baby through adulthood. Learn how to make these milestones special , memorable. and positive.  Most importantly be sure that you  understand how every single interaction teaches your child something about how he or she will think and develop!