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Phone & E-Consulting

Office Visits

GROUPS & Partnerships

Phone & E-Consulting are convenient for those individuals who are unable to visit our office or who live outside our demographic area

E-Consulting can include Face Time via Apple or Skype, Email or Texting.

Both Phone and E-Consulting   require at least one face to face office visit prior to sessions.


E-Consulting 100$ per session

Sessions are approx 45- 60 minutes

Phone Consulting 50$

Sessions are 20 -30 minutes

  Office Visits are recommended, private, and allow for optimal one on one conversations

Private sessions include limited   phone  & limited E-consulting support.

Fees: 150$ per session

Sessions are approx 1.5 hour

Payment Plans are available

Fees for Groups : TBA

Parents Who Have Lost A Child Partnership

Annual Membership 40$

Includes ongoing phone, e-consulting, or limited F-F support.

Portion of the proceeds goes to the 

'Believe in Tomorrow Foundation'

Face to Face, Phone & E-Consulting

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