E-Consulting is convenient and affordable  for any ndividuals

                E-Consulting includes :

Phone calls, Emails, SKYPE

Face Time via Apple or FB

(1 F- F office visit prior to E-consulting is recommended but not required)


E-Consulting online

50$ per 45 minute consultation

25$ per 20 minute consultation


  Office Visits are private and allow for optimal one on one conversations

Face to Face clients services include ongoing phone  & E-consulting support



150$ per consultation

Consultations approx 1.5 hour

MINDCare Consulting

Find your optimal

....  HAppiness  &  Health   ....  



'Text Talk'

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'Text Talk' Now our most

popular service.

It is convenient, affordable

and offers prompt support

when needed.

It is a soft form

of crisis intervention or ongoing support.

No waiting for an appointment

Get the information you need now.


Monthly program


   9am and 7pm
Monday - Saturday

Texts are limited to approx.  15 -20 minutes

Office Visits

Dianne DeSantis MS ABD

1414 Key Hwy. Suite 300

Baltimore Maryland 21230


....  Life can get complicated  ....

be prepared with life tools for all that life  can offer you!


Cash, Credit Cards and Pay Pal are accepted
Payment Plans are available.

All payments are to be made in advance.

Payment Plans excluded.