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MINDCare Consulting

Create your optimal

....  HAppiness  &  Health   ....  

...Life offers challenges  ....

be prepared with effective psychological life tools !


Parenting Coaching   .   Anger  Management  .   Anxiety Reduction 

Crisis Intervention  .   Suicide  Awareness/Intervention/Prevention 

Stress Management  .  Business Consulting  .    Relationships  Redesigning    Communication  Skills Improvement  .  Life Coaching 

Speech Coaching    .    Child & Adolescent Behavioral Adjustments


Everyone can benefit from a little MINDCare ...

What exactly is MINDCare? 

The very, very short answer is...

MINDCare is your ticket to absolute preparedness for a happy and healthy life!

MINDCare is about being aware and knowledgeable about how to properly care for your mind or in more accurate terms your thoughts!

Fact is that many people avoid psychological healthcare or do not even recognize it as an integral part of their health! 

Worse is Individuals needing care or treatment do not seek or adhere to treatment primarily due to negative stigma as a result of society's ignorance or lack of knowledge about psychological well being. 

Psychological  health is about  our brains and genetics and learned behavior people! Get over it!

MINDCare was established as a way for individuals to simply seek education and information about psychological healthcare.

MINDCare is intended to be a convenient missing link in terms lay people can  feel comfortable with and understand.

Some individuals have clinical , physiological mental health issues or disorders that in order to function and minimize distress or impairment need professional treatment.

But many people simply do not understand how psychological health works.  People in general know far to little about why they think , feel  and behave as they do, nor do they know what to do about their thoughts and behaviors to improve their quality of life.

Many people wonder if they can do anything about the challenges in their lives but never seek help or do not know where to turn if they do not want to be labeled as crazy by visiting a mental health professional (absurd but true)

So  MINDCare allows people to seek the information and develop skills they need  without visiting a mental health clinic or facility ( NOT TO FEED INTO THE DAMN STIGMA BUT WE MUST START SOMEWHERE TO GET MORE PEOPLE INFORMED AND EDUCATED)

MINDCare can help individuals understand what they need to do to live happier and healthier lives. 

Many have proven to benefit tremendously from a little MINDCare

which is education,  information,  professional knowledgeable and objective support through their uncertainty of how and why they are having challenges in life until they do ( and most do ) master all the life skills they need to lead lives

with much reduced stress and happier &  healthy lives! For the rest of their lives because ...KNOWLEDGE  is so powerful!

Do you or someone you know need or want to be better equipped or prepared p for any life challenges? Everyone can benefit from a little MINDCare!.