Questions to ask yourself

( If you answer Yes to any of these questions

please consider making an appointment

so you can learn to be optimally happy and healthy again.)


1) Anger Issues - Are you often angry ? 

     Stay angry too long ?  Or do you explode ?   

      Does Anger interfere with any of your relationships ?

2)  Anxiety - Do you feel nervous or anxious or worried often ?

      Have difficulty sleeping?

3) Do you often wish you knew  what to say to other or 

how to manage challenging behaviors in others ?

4) Do you  react instead of responding?

5) Is your life / happiness impaired by someone dealing with an

      addiction or substance abuse ?

6) Do you want to be a  skilled parent ?

Do you want to teach your children to make great decisions

and be able to adjust your child's behaviors?

7) Are you in an unhealthy /unhappy relationship ?

Do you and your

      spouse/ partner argue often ?

8) Would you like to master optimal communication skills ?

9)  Have you experienced trauma?

Or are you struggling with grief? 

10) Would you be relieved to know you can master skills

that can ensure happiness and optimal psychological health?

These are just 10 of thousands of questions

that you can ask yourself to assess

if you are impaired by unhealthy thinking, emotions, or behaviors

If you are not happy or are feeling sad, confused, guilty,

overwhelmed, worried or  stressed

please consider making an appointment

and learning about how to develop skills

to cope with anything life presents to you.

Have a positive and happy day!

And if you don't know how .. Call, email  or text  MINDCare!

Create your optimal

....  HAppiness  &  Health   ....  

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...Life offers challenges  ....

be prepared with effective psychological life tools !

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